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A Cairns Botanic Gardens

Things To Do On A Trip To Cairns

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Cairns, a tropical paradise nestled on the north-eastern coast of Australia, offers a captivating blend of stunning natural landscapes and rich cultural heritage. From vibrant botanical gardens to iconic landmarks, it offers an immersive experience for travellers seeking adventure, relaxation and exploration. If you are planning a trip to Cairns, get ready to experience the enchanting landscapes and create lifelong memories. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a nature lover or a history buff, Cairns has something special in store for you.

Cairns Museum

Embark on a fascinating journey through Cairns' history at the Cairns Museum. Delve into the stories of the region's past, from the challenges of living in the tropics to the pivotal role of sugar cane, rainforests and reefs in shaping the area.

Cairns Botanic Gardens

Renowned as one of the finest showcases of tropical plants in Australia, the Cairns Botanic Gardens is a haven for nature enthusiasts. Learn about the diverse flora that thrives in this tropical climate and appreciate the beauty of these meticulously curated gardens.

St. Monica's Cathedral

A visit to St. Monica's Cathedral is a journey into the heart of Cairns' spiritual and artistic heritage. This heritage-listed cathedral is a memorial to the Battle of the Coral Sea.

Barron Gorge National Park

Head to the Barron Gorge National Park for an adventure amidst nature's wonders. One highlight not to be missed is the magnificent Surprise Creek Falls, where you can take a refreshing dip or simply enjoy the tranquillity of the surroundings.

Palm Cove Beach

A trip to Cairns is incomplete without a visit to the idyllic Palm Cove Beach. Stroll along the jetty or sink your toes into the soft sand. This picture-perfect beach, adorned with swaying coconut trees, offers a peaceful retreat from city life.

Port Douglas Market

Embark on a retail adventure as you wander through Port Douglas Market. You'll be captivated by the array of stalls offering unique and handcrafted treasures found exclusively in this northern corner of paradise.

Reef-Rainforest Scenic Helicopter Flight

Soar through the skies on a captivating adventure and witness the mesmerising beauty of the Great Barrier Reef and the ancient tropical rainforest. Experience the thrill of a bird's eye view as you marvel at the vibrant colours of the reef and then gaze in awe at the lush green canopy.

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Cairns truly offers a remarkable journey into nature's splendour and the vibrant tapestry of Australian culture. Start your journey with Cairns Discovery Tours and let the beauty of the region unfold. With a dedicated guide leading the way, you'll gain insights into the city's heritage and unique culture. Contact us for any questions or information on our tours.
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